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Chantilly Orthodontics: Famous Characters with Braces

Mar 16, 2020 | Chantilly, Orthodontist

Braces are extremely common, and there is no need to be embarrassed about them! The majority of adults that you know have had braces at one point in their lives. Braces are so common that there are famous cartoon characters that even have braces! We want to help children and teens feel more comfortable, so we wanted to talk about some popular characters that we know they might know and love!

Finding Nemo: Darla Wears Braces!

The majority of kids and teens have seen the famous Disney and Pixar movie, Finding Nemo. In this movie, there is a young girl character by the name of Darla. She is probably one of the characters whose braces really stand out. Darla can be seen sporting not only braces but also dental headgear. 

The Rugrats- All Grown Up

Chucky gets braces as an adult!

The Rugrats is an older show, but its famous redhead character, Chucky Finster, has noticeable “buck teeth”. A new show was made showing the babies have grown up and are now attending high school. In this show, Chuckie Finster is seen with braces to help fix his teeth! 

The Incredibles: Kari McKeen wears braces!

Another incredibly popular children’s movie is, of course, about a family of superheroes. During the movie, the family needs a sitter for their baby. The sitter’s name is Kari McKeen, and she experiences the baby’s incredible superpowers in the film. Kari is a regular teen, so it is not shocking that she has braces. 

Toy Story: Sid wears braces!

Yet again, another classic childhood movie includes a character with braces! In the first Toy Story, the movie’s villain, Sid, has braces! Sid is around middle school age during this movie, which is another common age for children to have or get braces. 

Fairly Odd Parents

This was an extremely popular kids tv show. In this show, multiple kids are seen with braces. The two most popular children are Chester McBadbat and Tootie, who is Vicky, the babysitter’s little sister. The main character Timmy has “buck teeth” similar to Chucky Finsgter in The Rugrats. Timmy should also technically get braces at some point, but may not be at a stage yet where he can get them. 

Braceface: Sharon Spitz wears braces!

Believe it or not, there was actually a show called Braceface! It was about a girl in her teens who has braces. The logline for the show even reads, “Sharon Spitz deals with adolescence trials and tribulations of school with a mouth full of metal”. The show aired in 2001 and only had three seasons. The show not only showered her school life but also some of her trips to the orthodontist! 

Our Omar Orthodontics staff hopes you enjoyed our blog about famous characters with braces. We wanted to show kids that braces are nothing to be embarrassed about! If you have any questions regarding braces, you can reach out to any of our team members. We will be happy and ready to answer any of your questions. If you would like to book an appointment, you can do so on our website. We are currently offering free consultations, so book yours today!