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Invisalign®: What Are the Benefits?

Mar 13, 2017 | Orthodontist

Not all teeth are created equal. Some teeth may grow in perfect, while others grow in at an angle or only partially. Fortunately, orthodontic aligners can straighten out your smile and give you the flawless dental profile you yearn for. And even if you have a fear of metal wires and brackets, there are other options that can help. One of the best options in dentistry today is called Invisalign®.

The Invisalign orthodontic aligner system is designed to give you the straight smile you desire with the added benefit of a discreet treatment compounded which allows you to remove the aligners when necessary (eating, cleaning your pearly whites). Not only can Invisalign improve the look of your smile, it can lower your chance of teeth cracking together and causing damage or tooth enamel loss, as well as straighten your teeth to make it easier to brush and floss them daily.

Thanks to their thermoplastic design, Invisalign aligners are removable, and thus, there are no food restrictions. With many other forms of orthodontic treatment, you may need a specialized diet to ensure that certain foods do not damage your braces or get stuck in between the brackets, wires, and your teeth. With Invisalign, simply snap off the aligners before eating, and snap them back in after you are finished with your meal.

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