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South Riding Youth Sports Leagues

Aug 6, 2018 | South Riding

Are you looking for a youth sports league in South Riding for your child to participate in? Your staff at Omar Orthodontics loves participating in and supporting our community. We’ve gathered some information about different youth sports leagues for your consideration and convenience. When signing your child up for a sport, it is important to familiarize yourself with the safety rules, player and family expectations, and necessary equipment. As orthodontists, we are of course invested in keeping you and your teeth safe. We hope this guide comes in handy. Play ball!


Dulles Little League:

Is baseball the sport for your child? If so, consider signing them up for Dulles Little League! Here are some important safety rules to note:

  • All batting helmets must have either a protective face cage or “C” flap on the appropriate year for your left-handed or right-handed hitter.
  • Male players must wear an athletic cup.
  • Players are not allowed to practice batting into fences at any time.

While standard baseball helmets offer some protection for your jaw, if you have braces you may want to consider opting for one of the approved helmet styles that have a protective face cage. This will protect your teeth and braces from any wayward baseballs!


Dulles Tackle Football:

For a little more contact, consider tackle football! In addition to safety regulations, it is important to note that some equipment is included in your enrollment and some is not.

You will need to purchase an athletic supporter and cup (optional), practice jersey, mouthpiece, and cleats for your child.

We really appreciate that the tackle football league takes the safety of your teeth and braces into account and requires plays to a mouthpiece. If you have any questions about which mouthpiece will be best and safest for your child’s braces, call our office!


Dulles Youth Wrestling:

For even more contact, try wrestling. It is important to note that for this year, parents will need to purchase DYS clothing for participants on their own. Singlets, fight shorts, and compression shorts will be available for purchase through Dulles Youth Sports in used and new conditions. Shoes and headgear are both mandatory for competitions. Shoes can be purchased from several different places. For used shoes, try Play-It-Again sports in Leesburg. For new shoes, try Top Of The Podium in Sterling.

While mouth gear may not always be required in every situation, a mouthguard is always required if the participant has braces for safety reasons. We recommend that you consider wearing a mouthguard even if you do not have braces in order to protect your teeth from damage that may occur during contact sports.


Loudoun Lacrosse:

Lacrosse players can rent equipment for their season. For boys the fee is $50 and for girls the fee is $25. The boys rental equipment includes a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and gloves. Boys lacrosse rental equipment does not include a stick, mouth guard, cleats, or an athletic cup. Girls’ lacrosse rental equipment includes a stick and goggles. Girls rental equipment does not include a mouth guard or cleats. You also have the option to rent lacrosse equipment through Bandits.

The equipment rental packages do not include mouthguards for sanitation reasons. In addition, your mouthguard needs to be molded to fit your specific mouth. If you need any help choosing the right mouthguard for your child, our staff would be happy to help!


We hope this information helps you decide which sport will be best for your child in South Riding. Feel free to ask us about the best mouth guards to use to protect your teeth at your next appointment!