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Paying a visit to your regular orthodontist due to COVID-19 might not be a possibility for you right now. With the social distancing measures and self-isolation guidelines in place, it is very important to take care of your health and your loved ones during the coronavirus outbreak. Perhaps you recently got braces, or you have had braces for a while; like many, you are probably wondering how to clean and care for your braces while at home. It is crucial to stay at home right now, so please do not leave the house to visit your dentist or orthodontist for any regular maintenance treatments. If you have an orthodontic emergency call your local practice and they will be able to assist you over the phone. 


Caring For Your Braces During Coronavirus


Believe it or not, it is very easy to clean and care for your braces during the coronavirus pandemic. One of the advantages of being at home right now is that you can spend more time flossing, brushing, and maintaining your braces.


A Healthy Diet During COVID-19


Maintaining a healthy diet while at home during COVID-19 is extremely important. Not only will this benefit your well-being in the long run, but it will also help you to take care of your braces. It is very important to avoid problematic food and drinks such as hard, sticky food that could potentially damage your brackets. Reduce your consumption of sugary drinks such as soda and juices. Increase your water intake as much as possible; this will help flush out any food pieces lodged in your braces and will also keep you hydrated while at home. A diet packed with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole-grain, and lean protein will benefit your mental health while in isolation and keep your braces in good condition too.


Basic Brace Maintenance Equipment For Isolation


Maintaining your braces at home is very simple and you probably already have all the equipment you need to do a great job. Although you might want to visit your orthodontist, you can easily clean and maintain your braces without having to leave your home and break social distancing rules. The only things you will need are a little bit of water, your toothbrush, some floss, and toothpaste recommended by your dentist. Be sure to rinse out your mouth with water after drinking any types of acidic beverages, such as coffee and orange juice. Brush your teeth and gums thoroughly after every snack or meal. Make sure you floss once a day and look in the mirror every time you clean it to make sure you haven’t missed any hard to reach spots.


Brushing Tips During Coronavirus


In case you have forgotten how to brush your teeth with braces, let’s go into a little bit more detail. Try to invest in a new toothbrush as regularly as possible; although you may not be able to leave the house to go to the shops, many online stores will have the appropriate toothbrushes in stock for you. Usually, soft-bristled toothbrushes or electric toothbrushes are best for those who have braces; if you have any questions, please ask your orthodontist over the phone. You need to be extremely thorough when brushing your teeth with braces, and a slimmer brush will help you to clean carefully in between each bracket. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after each meal so that food doesn’t get lodged in your braces.


Flossing in Quarantine


A lot of people with braces don’t floss regularly enough. Not only is it essential for your dental health, but it will also keep your braces in top condition while in isolation with COVID-19. It is very common for food to build up between your teeth when you have braces, and brushing doesn’t always remove everything. Flossing is simple, easy, and quick, so here are a few different methods to make it easier for you. Floss threads are the perfect way to get in between each gap in your teeth and remove food from your braces. Floss picks are short pieces of floss that can easily go in and out of each tooth as well. Hopefully, you already have a supply of your preferred floss, but you might want to use the internet to purchase some more because you shouldn’t be going out to the shops right now.


Stay at Home and Care For Your Braces Yourself


Everyone is unsure right now when they will be able to revisit their orthodontist or dentist. With quarantine guidelines in place, it is crucial to care for your braces by yourself. Your orthodontist will still be there for you as much as possible; you just need to stay in contact with them so you can do everything in accordance with government guidelines. 


Hopefully, this has eased your worries surrounding brace maintenance during the coronavirus. Rest assured, your orthodontist and dentist will be there for you when the COVID-19 pandemic is over. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Omar Orthodontics practice, but please try not to leave the house. Social distancing is critical, and adhering to government guidelines will make sure that the pandemic is over sooner rather than later.