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There are plenty of DIY crafts and projects you can do to save money or have fun, but braces should not be one of them! More and more people are trying out homemade braces, and the results are quite alarming. You wouldn’t want to perform surgery on yourself, right? When it comes to healthcare, it is always important to consult with professionals to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your treatment. In addition to dental school, orthodontists attend specialty postdoctoral training for 2-3 years, and are very qualified to help you obtain the smile you want. The work we do is very precise and complicated, and your oral and physical health is very important to us. These DIY teeth-adjusting techniques can have long-term health and financial costs.


DIY Rubber Band Method

Some people try wrapping small rubber bands around their teeth to close unwanted gaps. This is very dangerous, as the rubber bands can force teeth into uneven, crooked positions. The rubber bands can also ride up into the gums and cause irreparable damage, including gum infection, or cut off blood circulation, resulting in dead teeth that have to be removed. This method can also loosen your teeth, leaving you more susceptible to tooth loss. It can also be much more painful than regular braces, as there is no orthodontist involved to ensure that the change is gradual and sustainable.

Platforms like YouTube allow people to post video tutorials for everything from makeup looks to changing the oil in your car. While videos like this can be very helpful, they are not a good source of information for orthodontics treatments . Many You-tubers make videos saying that homemade methods worked for their teeth without actually showing the proof, which can mislead viewers. Some You-tubers also claim that the method worked for them, but do not disclose that they needed additional support from an orthodontist to correct and maintain these changes, such as retainers or even a corrective phase of braces.


Mail-Order Kits

Some companies offer mail-order products that claim to be complete, customizable orthodontic systems. These at-home retainers might sound cheaper and more convenient, but the damage they can cause in the long run can be much more expensive than traditional dental care. The truth is, they do not offer a complete care system and the hardware is limited to what you can apply at home. Orthodontists often have to adjust plans during the treatment process due to your mouth’s individual needs, and if you choose an at-home option you won’t have access to ongoing professional attention to make ensure you are getting the best care for your specific situation.

Many orthodontists offer treatment plans that are similar to the products that these mail-order services offer, but with proper check-ins and adjustments available to you. If you are interested in learning about orthodontic options like clear aligners (such as Invisalign® or ClearCorrect®) or ceramic (clear) braces, schedule a consultation with us!


The truth is, even if you do like the immediate results of your DIY braces, they will not last because you will not have access to the professional support necessary to maintain your smile, such as a retainer plan or post-braces check ups. Here at Omar Orthodontics, we offer free, no-obligation consultations. Try that first to learn about your options and save your money in the long run!