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Upper Jaw Expanders

Palate expanders, also known as orthodotic expanders, stretch the bone and cartilage of the upper jaw to correct common orthodontic issues like crowding and crossbites. Successful palatal expansion treatment is usually done before a child’s growth plate or midpalatal suture fuses – up until the age of 16.

An upper jaw expander can have a significant impact on the width of the upper jaw, which can guide the upper and lower teeth properly fit against each other. A narrow upper jaw can interfere with the function of the teeth, and further affect your child’s appearance, smile, biting, chewing, and speech. For interceptive orthodontics patients (young children and adults), an upper jaw expander may prevent the need for permanent teeth extraction due to crowded teeth.

Orthodontic expanders are traditionally attached to the molars with metal rings, but they can be removable. Expansion screws are built into the appliance, and when activated, slowly separate and stretch the soft cartilage of the palate over the course of several weeks or months.

Until the expander feels natural, serve foods that don’t require a lot of chewing, such as ice cream, pudding, or mashed potatoes. Encourage your child to stay away from sticky foods and candy that may get stuck against their orthodontic appliances.


Rocio O
July 2, 2024

Love all the whole staff, everyone is so nice. We brought 2 of our kids in the past and now a third!🙂

Sapana Ojha
June 28, 2024

Hands down one of the best orthodontics ever. Dr. Omar is so passionate about her work and all the staffs are incredible. I have encountered various communication issues ( appointments scheduling to Canceling issues) in my life as a patient and working in medical field but Omar orthopedics is best at what they do and love the close relationship they keep with their patients. I am in six years of my dental visits with them. I will continue and possibly even take my kids there someday. Please choose this practice with closed eyes.

T M Bowman
June 17, 2024

We absolutely couldn’t have selected a better team for our son’s braces. I spent quite some time researching and comparing different companies. Everything from price, speed of getting an appointment, their treatment strategy and bedside manner of the provider. They have been amazing to work with and we will continue to recommend them to our friends and family.