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Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic appliances can boost the effectiveness of your treatment type or plan. They include headgear, elastics, and similar tools that keep your treatment secured. At Omar Orthodontics, Dr. Anisa Omar and her staff collaborate with their patients to determine the best ortho appliances for their specific treatment plans.

Types of teeth appliances can include:

Orthodontic Headgear: Headgear is an important component of orthodontic treatments. It applies force to the patient’s face and jaws to create an optimal shape for healthy growth. They also prevent teeth from shifting during treatment. Headgear is usually recommended when braces alone cannot deliver the desired effects.

Patients should use their orthodontic headgear consistently to achieve the best results. Your orthodontist should provide clear instructions to help you maintain your headgear at home. Do not lift your headgear over your face. Take special care when removing your headgear, and avoid injury to your lips, cheeks, or appliances. If you play sports or exercise often, be sure to inquire about proper headgear instructions. Be sure to bring your headgear to every visit with your orthodontist.

Elastics: Elastics are often used in conjunction with braces. Wearing elastics can improve the fit of your upper and lower teeth.

Palatal Expanders: Palatal expanders widen your upper jaw by pressing constantly against your upper molars in increasing adjustments. Once a desired width has been achieved, you may need to wear the appliance for a few months to make the expansion permanent. Learn more about palatal expanders.

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