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Do You Know About the Benefits of Braces?

Mar 31, 2017 | Orthodontist

Do you know about the benefits of braces? Did you know how many different types of ailments and disorders braces can help with? Even if you are unsure if braces could be right for you, or if you are only looking straighten a few teeth, the advantages for your smile could be immense. Listed below are a few questions that can help you better understand the benefits of braces:

Teeth that are out of alignment and rubbing together are more likely to suffer which of the following?

a.) Cracking or fracturing issues.

b.) Tooth enamel loss.

c.) Chipping issues.

d.) All of the above.

Which of the following is a reason to try orthodontic braces?

a.) Your teeth are out of alignment.

b.) Straighter teeth are less likely to suffer from enamel wear and tooth decay than crooked teeth.

c.) A straight smile is more aesthetically pleasing than a crooked smile.

d.) All of the above.

True or False: Orthodontic braces can fix malocclusions such as buck teeth and bulldog teeth.

a.) True.

b.) False.

True or False: Orthodontic braces are a shield for your teeth used to prevent blunt trauma and cavities.

a.) True.

b.) False.

Answer Key: d, d, a, b.

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