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Why get treated by an Orthodontist in Chantilly?

Sep 2, 2019 | Orthodontist

The experience of going to a dentist for the first time should hopefully be drastically different than your first trip to an orthodontist. Hopefully, your first trip to the dentist was when you got your first tooth or at least after a few teeth already erupted. Not everyone has to go to an orthodontist. Typically patients are seen when they want to undergo aesthetic orthodontic treatment because there is something they want to fix about their teeth.

Many children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old visit an orthodontist for preventative measures. In some instances, it is a lot easier to prevent alignment issues than it is to treat them. If dental problems are detected early, it is easier to take the steps needed to protect teeth in the future. 

What to expect from your first visit 

Your first visit is probably going to entail a few things. You may feel uneasy, and this is due to not knowing if your treatment is going to be a breeze or not. Once you see the orthodontist, they will take x-rays and photographs of your teeth. The orthodontist will also be able to determine what orthodontic appliances are needed and where exactly to start. You will be given all the necessary information to proceed with your treatment process. Financing options or payment plans and recommended appliances will be discussed. You will also get a rough estimate of the time frame needed to get through your treatment successfully. 

What can you be treated for?

There are many different reasons why patients come in and get seen. There are many common treatments your orthodontist can use to help you correct your smile. If a person has abnormal tooth alignment, they may come in because it affects their ability to speak correctly, resulting in a lisp or other speech impediments. 

Children are often seen for thumb sucking. Thumb sucking can have a devastating effect on the structure of a child’s teeth, making them misaligned. 

People come in for spaces or lack of space within their teeth. The spaces can lead to gaps or overcrowding. Having crowded teeth is not just an aesthetic issue; your general dental hygiene could be in jeopardy. When your teeth are overcrowded, it makes it extremely difficult to floss and get food out from in between gums properly. Without proper cleaning, this can lead to having to get fillings to fill cavities. Abnormal spacing is not good, but it can be corrected. 

Correcting an abnormal bite is another common reason people seek an orthodontist. An abnormal bite can affect the way a person chews and speaks, and it can also lead to many other issues. A normal bite means that the upper teeth slightly overlap the bottom ones. 

Why go to an Orthodontist in Chantilly?

If you live in the Chantilly area, it makes sense for you to be seen by an orthodontist in Chantilly. Our office is in the perfect location for Chantilly residents. Why drive outside the city when you can visit us here in town? Our office is located at 25401 Eastern Marketplace Plaza Suite 100 Chantilly, VA 20152. 

We hope you now know what can get treated by an orthodontist in Chantilly. Our office at Omar Orthodontics is fully equipped to handle your orthodontic needs. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (703) 249- 6427. If you are ready to make your appointment, you can visit our Omar Orthodontics website.